Powerlifting Offers Power To Minds And Bodies

By Guershome Elama Senior Photographer

Powerlifting at Davis A&M High School is coached by Mr. Pink, who is also the dean, and I am very proud to be part of it. The main reason I joined powerlifting is because it teaches leadership, and it inspires me to do things I had no idea I could do. The coach and team members are all supportive. One of my main goals for being part of powerlifting is learning leadership because it is going to help me long term. Another thing powerlifting helps me accomplish is working with other people who have the same mindset and goals that I do. When powerlifting got canceled due to the pandemic, it was tough. Before it got canceled, we were practicing to go on our second meet at Ohio State. I felt kinda mad because this could have been my first meet. I missed the first meet. It was important for powerlifting to return because a lot of us have been sitting at home not doing anything, and powerlifting gives us something to do.

Kids That Tri

Patrick Crowell, a Davis A&M senior, assisting students who are training at the downtown YMCA for Tri CLE.

Kids That Tri, a nonprofit program that aims to get Cleveland urban youth participating in triathlons, kicked in November. About 25 students from Davis A&M will participate in the program that will provide free monthly triathlon training at the downtown YMCA. They will also receive all the gear they need to train and compete in a triathlon. This includes running shoes, bikes, bike helmets, swimming caps and goggles.

Patrick Crowell, a senior at Davis, assisted with swimming and lifeguarding. Students will compete in Tri CLE, a new triathlon in downtown Cleveland, Aug. 22, 2021. @tricle_rock_roll_run @therealdavisam