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Seniors Stress This Time Of Year

Chyanne Bradley Shares What Is Stressing Her

By Ethan Strong, Assistant Editor

Around this time of the school year, the graduating class encounters certain hardships and experiences like prom, grades, and graduation. Any of these events would cause what I like to call the senior freakout, also known as senior stress.

I talked to Chyanne Bradley, a student in the first graduating class at Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School, about senior stress.

What stresses you out about the upcoming year going into college?

What stresses me out is trying to maintain work, school, and deadlines. I’m stressing trying to make sure I’m working enough to support myself while trying to make sure I’m in school just as much so I can graduate.

What have been the biggest stressors about being a high school senior?

COVID was very hard for me and others but it took away my motivation for school. Becoming an adult is stressful, everything is different because you're completely on your own with no one to borrow from or ask for help. The amount of classwork and responsibilities we have. We are juggling six different classes, (some of us are) working full-time jobs, and (I am) trying to save enough money to get my own place.

What have been your favorite experiences of being a senior?

My favorite experience was looking for prom dresses with my best friend and our moms. We had a good time, and we were both super excited for prom.

What have been your biggest problems and downfalls of being stressed as a senior?

My biggest problem with being a senior is the number of responsibilities we have inside and outside of the school. As a senior, we must maintain our grades and our home responsibilities, all while working to support ourselves and keeping up with senior activities and college deadlines.

Some Students Are Excited About Hybrid

By Guershome Elama, Senior Photographer

Since the Covid-19 pandemic happened back in March, one of the things it affected was schooling, especially in-person learning. During the pandemic, students went on a long summer break, but after the summer break ended, teaching and learning were not the same. Teachers had to work and teach from home and students had to learn from home using the internet.

For some students, online learning has been a rough time and others have had success. I interviewed two of my friends that I knew would give very realistic answers and reasonings.

I asked them questions about returning to school.

My first friend gave me an answer that most students will agree with. His main reason for wanting to return to school is that he wants to socialize with people. “Online school is more of a you thing, and I find that boring. I want to talk to people. I miss my friend,” he said.

During online learning, students have no time to talk to other students and when they get the chance to do it, it is during group work.

I asked my friend, aside from seeing your friends, what else do you miss about school?

“The interaction with the teacher is also something I miss. Getting help from them in person is for sure better than online,” he said.

My second friend gave me an answer that I was not surprised by. I know he has had success during online learning with straight A’s for the first 2 quarters, but I still wanted to know if he wanted to return to school.

And unsurprisingly, he said: “Online you have less distraction. You can just focus, do your work and finish it without anyone bothering you.”

Less distraction is a reason why some students have had success during online classes.

My other friend added, “I don't have to leave the house to go to school and you can have a lot of one-on-one with the teachers online.”

When he said you have a lot of one-on-one with teachers, that is true. However, most students have stuff to do after school. Nevertheless, this explained why he has been so successful online.

Work, School And Helping My Mom

Throughout the year, we will highlight members of the graduating class of 2021. Toni Thompson shared a first-hand account of dealing with school, excelling at work, talking to teachers and making money.

Toni Thompson, Reporter

For the most part, the school year was more so a lesson than anything.

I was working my job and clocking in over 40 hours a week. When I got my job, I started to pick up everything fast. I was so good that they started training me in a manager's position.

The one thing I struggled with is school. I know I need to graduate. But from how I grew up, once I got a little taste of money, it was like I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop because I was helping my mom out and giving her money. Not everyone’s mom can just up and get a job. Working made it challenging to do school, because I'm working all night and working hard. It would be one less thing that my mom would have to stress about.

So far, I have been grateful that my teachers have been there.

Sometimes, I don't think they truly understand my pain or what I'm going through. I don’t think they understand that it hurts to see my mother cry out for help, and I'm not able to help her. It doesn't mean I want teachers to show me sympathy. I just want them to understand.

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