Unique Looks Make High Fashion At Inauguration

By Devin Atterberry, Fashion Editor

Our Fashion Editor Dapper Devin provides his insight on a few of the looks of America’s top ladies at the Inauguration.

This look by Dr. Jill Biden, our first lady, that the designer made I feel is very professional and unique. It seems as if the material is higher quality, and I love that she topped it off with a blue mask to match.

I believe that the designer who created this was going for older fashion for late-aged women but with a newer style and color to make it look new.

This look by Vice President Kamala Harris looks similar to Jill Biden's. It’s a little bit more simple but still fashionable. I feel this looks amazing on her and is perfect for her age. The designer put together a look that is simple but still very fashionable.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s look is one of my favorites. I feel that the designer did a good job putting together high-waisted flared bottom pants with the longer jacket. It’s definitely different and the colors go great together. I love how long the jacket is and how it is a different color from the pants that match the turtleneck. The belt topped the outfit off -- very big and a little bit of a glow. I love how her hair is styled. It is a very up-to-date hairstyle. She looks amazing!

I feel that the designers put pieces together for each woman specifically to fit their title and background. They all looked wonderful in their outfits. They were very professional and different.

Sergio Hudson, First Lady Michelle Obama’s Designer

Christopher John Roberts, Vice President Kamala Harris’s designer

Dapper Devin Dreams Of Designing Affordable Fashion Brand

By: Devin Atterberry, Fashion Editor

Fashion is something that I admire a lot, and I have also been inspired by so many different designers and individual fashion choices. The fashion changing throughout the years has inspired me to want to become a fashion designer and create clothing that’s affordable but still looks wonderful.

Since I am a male, I am into male fashion, but I also want to create a women’s line. I feel as if I could create things that nobody has seen or thought of before for men and women. Something I have learned about higher-priced brands from purchasing them is that their material is better quality, and they seem to last longer than cheaper clothing. That’s why I want to come up with material that’s just as great for a cheaper price. I find peace in getting dressed up in a fashionable way, and I know clothing can be expensive.

Yes, high-fashion designer brands look amazing, but it can get pretty pricey for some. I would love to see everyone looking decent in my affordable brand. I want them to feel equal to others wearing designer brands and comfortable with themselves.

Here are a few outfits that some people may consider pricey. Some may not. My brand would make clothing like this more affordable. I think it would be incredible to have high-end items at affordable prices.

Cap- $40

Shirt - $150

Jeans- $200

Shoes - $700

Jogging suits set- $200

Shoes- $110

Fashion Trends and Tips

By Devin Atterberry, Fashion Editor

Welcome to my fashion column, Dapper Devin. And many of you at Davis already know that I love fashion, so it is fitting that my column deals with male fashion.

Male fashion is a bit different from female fashion, because males have fewer options to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you can’t “DRIP" your best.

Males also usually spend more money on an outfit than females.

We’re going to specifically look at African-American fashion trends. By this, I mean you will see mostly Black males with this type of drip or style. I feel that Black males are really creative now, and I want to share some of these different types of styles.

There are a few styles that guys like. They like looser clothes/baggy, regular fit and skinny. Skinny is most trendy.

If you’re in the fashion game, I plan to share with you what I call slight drip, drip drip, and top-tier drip.

My fashion tip is never put certain brands together. For example, Nike pants with Adidas shoes...No, sir!

Here are some examples and explanations of some of the lastest fashion trends. Enjoy this drip!


These are jogging suits that are in style. People usually wear these in the winter, fall or spring. It is just a regular fit for going to the mall or going out with friends. These types of outfits cost $200-$330. This includes the shoes.


These are some of the new trends that I consider drip drip. This is something that you could wear to smaller events that aren't too serious. These outfits range from $200-$600. The price includes shoes.


These outfits are creative fashion. Guys wear them wherever they choose. Some people put a lot of time and energy into fashion. Some say it’s crazy, but I believe it’s just showing how creative you can be. These outfits range from $150 to $400.


Something like this would be for a birthday outfit or going out to a special event. This outfit is more on the pricey side $800 to $1,000. The shoes are Alexander McQueen, and they run about $600. The jeans are Purple, and they range from $130-$340. The Moncler shirt is about $220.